Monday, September 29, 2008

Questioning the Voters of CA, NY, MO, AL & MA

How in the world did you people elect and reelect people like Rep. Maxine Watters, Rep. Greg Meeks, Rep. William Clay, Rep. Arthur Davis and Rep. Barney Frank? Ms. Watters calls Franklin Raines leadership outstanding shortly before he was forced to resign because of accounting irregularities at Fannie Mae. Keep in mind; this is the guy who is giving advice to Senator Barack Obama, who if GSE's weren't exempt from Sarbanes/Oxley, he would be in jail right now. One of these clowns, Rep. Greg Meeks, even accused the Director responsible for Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight of playing political games when he testified under oath before Congress to sound the alarm about the misdeeds of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Seems like the truth is coming out. I hope the voters of California, New York, Missouri, Alabama and Massachusetts have the stones to votes these guys out of office. I don't care if you elect Republican or another Democrat, but for god sakes, replace these people with someone more competent.

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Constituent said...

Constituent Rebellion Now!

Millions wrote and called to say No! and still the Senate said Yes? It is time for a housecleaning! Time to show them that they work for Main Street, not Wall Street.

Based on quick analysis, it looks like there are 2-4 Senators who voted Yes who are in tight races, and 3 or 4 more who are vulnerable.

In the House, the analysis is similar, 7 or 8 vulnerable races where a little bit of influence might make all the difference.

Targeting these so-called representatives of the people, with print and radio ads highlighting their betrayal, could really make an impact on their chances for re-election -- and put the fear of constituency back into the Washington elite.

Are you interested in making it happen? There isn't much time before the election, so it will take funds and effort. Can you participate by offering time, skills or funds?

Let us know.

Contact the Constituent Response Team at