Friday, September 26, 2008

The Dems Fiddled While Banking Burns

Here we are, in the middle of the worst financial crisis in two generations, perhaps ever, and instead of decisive action House and Senate Democrats are using this crisis and the legislation that would atleast soften the blow if not alleviate much of this mess, to push their own agenda. Don't forget that the Democrats are largely responsible for the beginning of the mess. Their guy, President Bill Clinton lit the fuse on this disaster. While perennial TheLastGoodIdea villain, Christopher Dodd rails at the President Bush for his lack of over sight he and the rest of his crony's forget that this problem was started by one of their biggest hero's.

Last night while you ate dinner or perhaps slept, another major cog, Washington Mutual (WaMu) failed. I place the blame squarely on the House and Senate Democrats who see their own agendas as more important than the well being of the institutions which you and I depend on for all of our daily business.

The thing the Democrats don't seem to grasp, is that I do not depend upon John Q Public to pay his mortgage, but I do depend on his bank and many others not to undermine my bank, so that I can continue to live a life that doesn't depend on my having a goat to trade for groceries or a chicken to trade for a couple of gallons of gas. Similarly, you don't need me to pay my mortgage, but you do need my bank to be a healthy member of the financial community to which your bank belongs and depends. I used to know how much money I needed to retire, now I wonder what piece of livestock I will have to trade for a few years in the sun, because that is the direction we are headed should people like Senator Christopher Dodd, Represenative Barney Frank or Senator Barak Obama continue push their own agenda, which is not integral to the health of our banking institutions, and holds up legislation that supports the banking industry upon which every man, woman and child in this country depends for the foundation of our day to day lives.

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