Monday, September 29, 2008

Obama's Double Standard

Its rather ironic that Barack Obama would hold Wall St and Main St to such a double standard. In reference to the $700 billion Wall St buy in, Obama said, "When taxpayers are asked to take such an extraordinary step because of the irresponsibility of a relative few, it is not a cause for celebration". Yet in the next breath he panders to uninformed voters in appealing for a bailout for an individual borrowers. Its seems to me, that the less than 10% of the population who are in trouble with an irresponsible mortgage, could easily be characterized as a relative few.

As someone who isn't in trouble with a mortgage, I see little to no value in helping the relative minority of the population who were clearly irresponsible. I depend on the banking industry for nearly every aspect of my day to day life. Conversely I do not depend on my neighbors all day long. Lets consider last Friday for me.
6:20AMArrive at the metro and use my bank debit card to add value to my metro card.
6:45AMArrive at Starbucks by my office and use my bank debit card for a coffee.
11:45AMShop online and use my bank debit card to buy a gift for my wife.
12:15PMPurchase lunch, using my bank debit card.
2:30PMCheck my bank account online to see that my payroll cleared.
2:35PMCheck my 401K account online to verify the correct contribution.
4:15PMArrive at the metro to go home and use my metro card which was funded by my debit card this morning.
4:50PMArrive at the grocery store on my way home to pick up milk, hamburger rolls and dog biscuits which I paid for with my bank debit card.
7:25PMSign onto to my bank website to pay bills for electric, phone, satellite TV, etc.

Not one single time last Friday was I dependant upon my neighbor staying in his over priced, ill financed home. I am betting most people's days work something like last Friday did for me. Similarly, none of the 90%+ Americans who are not in trouble with their mortgage need their neighbor to stay in their home to get through the day.

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