Monday, September 09, 2013

Terry McAuliffe, Irresponsible Advertiser & Campigner

So the race for the governor's mansion in Virginia is getting pretty ugly. What else is new. The GOP put up one of their stock cronies and the Dems, not to be outdone went for the best and brightest in the race for the bottom. While I am a Virginia resident and voter, I probably could have cared less which of these ding dongs were to win. It was debatable if I was even going to vote in this election until very recently. Two weeks ago, my son, who is now four was watching videos on YouTube about Disney Pixar Cars toys, because he was trying to decide which 50 things to ask my wife and me for. Often as we all know, before a YouTube video, there is an advertisement. Well, this is the advertisement which came on ... Now, as we all know, 3 year olds are very inquisitive little people. I had to field questions about words like rape and abortion from my son after not being able to skip this video on the way to the toy review he was trying to get to. This was my tweet to the McAuliffe campign which received no response. Days later, we intercepted this same ad coming up again as my son was trying to watch an episode of the Super Friends on YouTube. So I emailed the McAuliffe campaign to express my displeasure with their strategy of targeting videos that have youthful themes with this ad. I sort of got a response. They added me to their mailing list which got me thinking. Years ago, when Mark Warner (D), now our junior Senator was running for Governor, he promised to abolish the car tax in VA. I'd guess that 90% or more of the populous was behind the mandate which he failed miserably to abolish. Now, I don't think much about Ken Cuccinelli. I don't care for his stance on abortion and a host of other social issues, but I'd wager that with less than 50% of the state's backing there is no chance he's going to overturn Row v Wade in Virginia, so this is just plain fear mongering for the sake of smearing the other guy.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sure I'll pay for that

AARP wants a national discussion on retirement issues for middle class citizens. Sure, why not... How about people start living with their mistakes and misfortunes rather than looking to those who were responsible and hardworking to bail them out over and over and over. No education, sure I get pick up the tab on your health insurance while bearing higher costs myself. Can't afford your house, no problem, I'll go without one while the gov't props up unsustainable home prices by bailing you and your bank out (yes main st and wall st got theirs) Racked up a big credit card balance, just use one of those structured default services and let the bank take its bite out of the people who pay their bills. Because you didn't prepare yourself to earn a good living and bought an over paid house so you can't save for retirement, sure I can pick up that tab too. What the heck is wrong with you people today?