Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Someone Explain How This is Legal

So, last night the wife and I are watching TV and on comes this Obama commercial, showing a web site with a calculator to show what the savings you'll reap from the 2 candidates tax plans if you plug in your salary, dependants, deductions, etc. I tell the wifey to go that URL, after all, I trust the Tax Policy Center as impartial and honest. We get to the web site and this is what we found ...
We have received many inquiries about an Obama campaign commercial that seems to imply that the Tax Policy Center (TPC) has a tax calculator that can be used to see how the candidates' tax plans would affect people. We don't. The calculator shown in the commercial was designed by the Obama campaign and is in no way affiliated with the nonpartisan TPC.
I have to say, I am really shocked at the out and out lying on the part of the Obama campaign. The ad doesn't imply it, it shows the TPC web site with an application that will tell you that you'll save more money with Obama's tax plan.

Its one thing to register homeless ghetto trash to vote. It’s quite another to tell a lie on TV, like the TPC tax calculator. Watch the video to the end when the guy says he wants to Obama do his hizzle or something. Classic.

Its a shame that McCain will not take of the gloves and start really fighting hard, because the Obama campaign is guilty of everything that the Democrats have accused the Republicans about. I guess for once the Democrats came up with the bigger scum bag.

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