Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Corruption of the News Media

I really despise this years election cycle. I feel like it has robbed me of my pragmatism, which I valued so much. I've turned into a stark raving Republican and I don't like it very much, but I find it easier to stomach than the current hypocritical line of rhetoric from the Democrats. The way in which the business of electing our representative leadership has changed and not for the better.

My first caveat, I haven't watched much TV news over the last 5 years. Perhaps 10% of my news comes from TV, the rest from various internet outlets. Next, I am a Republican who has become highly disenchanted with W, to the extent that I voted for both Webb and Moran in the last few years. That will not happen again, after their votes on the housing bailout.

I have never really bought into the whole liberal media conspiracy thing. I have always felt that Fox News was overtly biased toward the right.

A recent spat of business travel had me spending a lot of time in airports, where I was subjected to a lot of CNN on airport TVs. I have say, what I saw left me disappointed, appalled and disgusted. CNN clearly displayed a Democratic bias in the amount of coverage and the tone of the coverage for the Presidential candidates. I find this to be a significant betrayal of CNNs principals. As a news outlet, which is what CNN likes to portray itself as, CNN should be offering fair and impartial coverage, but it isn't.

CNN is passing off its liberal agenda as fact or news, when in fact it seems more like CNN is helping to create news and sway events. The way I see it, CNN is overtly pressing its editorial agenda while trading on its solid gold reputation as news agency.

I will direct you all to this article, it describes a lot of what I have observed, from an insider in the inside of the news business.

Media's Presidential Bias and Decline

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