Friday, March 09, 2012

Calling BS on the Jobs Numbers

Our president continues to tout strong jobs numbers, but he's ignoring one that I find quite telling. 31% of cities are reporting an increase in demand on what they call Survival Services which consist of food banks and homeless shelters. You can't shine shit, but thats what our leadership continues to try and do with the help of a complicit media who continually refuse to report the truth about our predicament, because they are actually worried that a clod like Mitt Romney could defeat our naked emperor. I have no idea why the mainstream media labors under that delusion, but its not serving anyone's best interest.


jennifer anderson said...

so what would you do about jobs kind sir? what would you say about them?

Dead End said...

If you comprehend my post, you would understand that I am saying that the current employment numbners are being fudged. The statistics are being manipulated for the benifit of a politician who would like to get reelected by pulling the wool over your eyes.