Friday, April 22, 2011

Investigating Gas Prices ... Huh

Our naked emperor is having the Justice Dept investigate why gas prices are so high.

He's the goddam mother f---ing cluprit. Printing a couple trillion dollars was bound to be inflationary. Common sense for crying out loud. What an epic dickbag. I really wish this pack of carpetbaggers would go back to Chicago already.

Of course he knows he has the media in his back pocket. Nobody is going to ask him a tough question and for sure the American people are as dumb as a stump. Mark my words, in a month or two, they will lay blame on the oil companies and the Republicans who take all their doantions, instead of blaming Keynesian economic theory that failed in less than 2 years. There might have been some failings in Reganomics, but most of that as I see it are a failure regulation which the Whine-o-crats are just as much if not more responsible for relaxing through the Clinton years. Remember all those Youtube clips of Maxine Watters, Barney Frank, Athur Davis and a host of Democratic stooges defending Fannie Mae while grilling regulators who were trying to enforce the law?

Like sheep headed to the slaughter the American people are being sold out by their false messiah.

And then there is this from Market Ticker
Obama Directs Holder To Indict Obama And Bernanke

This case will require 15 seconds to solve. My evidence is below:

The chart is oil, the white line the dollar.

The dollar has collapsed as Bernanke and Obama have together conspired to demand QE2 to support Obama's insane borrowing and spending in the economy.

There is a near-perfect inverse correlation between these two charts.

Please surrender at the nearest FBI office for your arrest Mr. Bernanke and Mr. Obama.


Somewhere GWB is sitting in a chair, smoking a cigar, prolly Cuban, sipping expensive scotch watching his legacy get better and better.

Then he looks over at Jimmy Carter and says, "this ain't so bad eh Jimmy-bob, your off the hook as worst President ever".

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