Monday, June 22, 2009

An Ounce of Common Courtsey Please?

So, I sent my Senator an email, expressing my rage at one of his potential votes. I used what he called a 3rd party website to send the email and this is the response that I got.
Unfortunately, due to the fact that your message was sent through an outside third party website, I will not be sending a detailed response. If you would like to receive a response, I would encourage you to visit my website at By visiting my website directly, Virginians can request regular updates about my activities and positions on matters that are important to Virginia and our nation.
So, I went to his website, explained my position on the subject in a short email that used no big words and I closed by stating that I had emailed him previously and that I would be expecting a detailed and hopefully personal response. This is what I got back from Senator Webb.
If this looks like nothing, your seeing exactly what I got from Senator Webb and his staff. Nothing, which is roughly the odds that I will be voting for him when his job is up for reelection. As a pragmatic voter, I cross party lines voting for him in the last election, but I will not be making that mistake again.

Essentially what the man said to me was this ... I don't like getting spammed with messages that I don't like, so F you tax paying constituent. I don't like your message or view, but rather than just say that, I'll make your message appear unimportant because of the means of delivery. So, in response, I gave him what he asked for, a concise message submitted in a one off format. His response was nonexistent, because he couldn't find a logical or intelligent way to rebut my message. Thanks Senator Webb, I really enjoy paying you and your staff to not serve me. I look forward to voting you back to having to work for a living.

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