Friday, June 26, 2009

A Frequent Target

Everyone here knows that the NAR is persona non-grata on this blog. I've regularly railed against them for their misuse of statistics. This next graph is no change from that modus operandiYou can clearly see how the NAR manufacturers some cheer.

Now we come to find that the NAR is lobbying against objective home appraisals. Business Week is running a piece that talks about their lobbying points. That’s fine, anyone and everyone is entitled to employ lobbyists to advance their cause in Washington. Its one of the great things about this country. However, don't stand there with a shocked look on your face and tell me that your innocent when I blame you for the current mess along with fools who signed for loans, Wall Street, 2 Presidents and a Congress who advanced a home ownership agenda that was at best faulty.

Here is a novel idea ... How about just letting values tank, find a true bottom and get on with the business of living life the way Americans have for decades, prior to the late 90s beginning of the real estate boom that has led us to ruin. It’s called taking your medicine.

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