Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What is the President's Word Worth?

Less and less, every day.

I seem to recall a point in time, when Senator Barack Hussein Obama was running for the presidency, when he was being very critical of the spending programs of George W Bush while trying to tie Senator John McCain to those programs. That’s fine, that’s the business of electoral politics.

Even as Senator Barack Hussein Obama promised that he would not tolerate special interests or the Washington old guard to reign supreme in his vision of Washington, something sounded too good to be true. Slowly, but surely, President-elect Barack Hussein Obama began laying out his policies and appointees. Surprise, surprise, the self-anointed candidate for change is already straying from his promises, by appointing long time Washington insiders to key and glamorous roles in his administration and going against campaign & pre-inauguration promises. He appointed a derisive Congressman and former Clinton advisor from his home state as Chief of Staff. Long time Senator Tom Daschle was appointed Secretary of Health and Human Services. Another long time Clintonista, Susan Elizabeth Rice is the nominee for ambassador to the United Nations. And then there is Hillary Clinton, as big an insider as there ever was.

Today, the New York Post is reporting President Barack Hussein Obama, as part of his "stimulus" package has included a $4.19 billion line item for groups like ACORN. Keep in mind, as President-elect, Barack Hussein Obama promised a line by line review of wasteful programs. Let’s not forget that the Ohio state electoral board called 12% of the voter registrations turned in by ACORN questionable. At least with Hillary Clinton or John McCain, you knew what you were getting.

By the way, where is the NY Times, cnn, MSNBC coverage of this story?

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