Friday, January 16, 2009

Do As He Says, Not As He Does

At some point in time, President Elect Obama threatened to bankrupt anyone building a coal fired power plant, in the name reducing CO2 emmissions and advancing a green agenda. Yet the people of Pennsylvania still voted for him. Go figure.

Today we find out that the carbon footprint for his inauguration will be in the region of 575 million pounds of CO2. I was curious as to what went into this calculation. Here are some of the highlights...
25,000,000 lbs - 600+ private jets flying in people like Oprah.
262,000,000 lbs - all the lemmings who drive cars to the coronation.
215,000,000 lbs - the really inconsiderate lemmings who fly.

I guess you would call this an inconvient truth, but I guess things like this don't count for the emperor.

In Roman times, when the emperor was parading through the city, celebrating victory, there would be a slave riding with him, politely reminding him that he is just a man. I wonder if our new king will observe a similar tradition and perhaps have an intern riding along, reminding him that the statute of limitations for blaming George W Bush will soon be up.


Bostick said...

Who cares. Anything is better than that retarded cunt Sara Palin and old T-rex arms McCain. If the republican party had thrown something better out there they might had stood a chance.

Dead End said...

Let’s face it, after 8 years of Republican rule in the White House, there was little to no chance that McCain was going to win. They could have put him out there with the spirit of Ronald Reagan and not won.

Who cares? I care. I am betting in a few years, a lot of people who got suckered out of their votes last November, will care when we find out that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes and he is indeed, not the candidate for change, as he put himself out there.