Thursday, March 01, 2012

How Dumb Can a 1 Percenter Be?

I find this article to be funny. How can someone this stupid still make a 1% salary. How dumb can you be to say that less wealthy people don't understand what its like to have to make tough choices on sacrificing portions of your lifestyle when other people have to choose between food and electricity.

As someone who makes a top 5% salary and aspires to a top 1% salary, I used to think these people got a bad rap, but my opinion has changed.

Actually I know how this clod got his 1% salary, his brother owns the company. So, I'd rephrase my question, how dumb can someone be to hire someone this dumb, that they'd go on the record with a reporting with these kinds of whinny complaints.

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jennifer anderson said...

but for the Grace of God, there goes you.