Monday, October 24, 2011

Kick the Can

I really don't have the fuel for this, so I'll keep it short. The lastest plan to prop up the housing market help get obama reelected just toss another couple hundred million freshly printed dollars on the fire.

As I have said over and over, anything that prevents real price discovery just ups the cost and pushes out the point at which we'll see real recovery.


Just keep foresaking tomorrow for today.

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Mike W. said...

I totally agree with the Kicking the Can down the road does not help, only puts a problem ahead of us rather than to deal with these issues now. On the other hand, banks or individual homeowners have to take a loss one way or another, and until that is decided we will go no where. Credit is also a big issue, some of these banks still want way to much for these houses, if they sold them all at the value in early 2000's we would be in business, but the banks have to ease up the loan process. Credit was to easy now its to tight, plain and simple. Like i said someone has to eat these losses. Great job on the post and your blog. I enjoy reading these topics that you post. I trade the markets so it is right in line with my general interest. Keep up the great job!