Thursday, September 15, 2011

Global Central Bank Bailout = QE 2.5

So here it is, QE 2.5 without a lot of fanfare. Heck the mainstream media is barely covering it, because of course it would look bad for their boy who continues to punish savers and prudent Americans who live within their means in order to bailout the stupid home debtors and greedy bankers who are still taking massive bonuses on profits secured with near 0% loans from the Fed Funds Window.

This isn’t even the QE3 that I am predicting for early next summer in order to prop up the markets and provide Potemkin Village for the uninformed electorate who don’t even know that their tax dollars continue to be used against them in order to get a man reelected who still hasn’t organized anything bigger than midnight basketball. 2.5 years in, our Delegator in Chief continues to campaign for his job while prudent Americans and China's currency reserve continue to take it in the back pocket.

Just watch gold, oil and other hard commodities, they will be all going up as the dollar is devalued along with the Euro, Pound and Yen.

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