Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Israel...

An open letter from our President, to the people of Israel.
Your on your own.

Barack Hussein Obama

Read this story. Absolutly horrible statesmenship on the part of the President. You wouldn't treat the prime minister of Burma like this. Shameful.


Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Zanket said...

Seriously? Most Israelis are murderers, pure & simple. Palestinians are on defense. The U.S. should quit paying for Israel's weaponry.

Markus said...

This was the right message if you ask me.

What has unfaltering US support for Israel yielded?

This is basically big brother saying to little brother: "You're on your own, bro. I'm old and sick now. Pick and fight your own battles from now on."

And this is true. The US has enough problems right now economically and militarily in fighting a worldwide war. Even if the US had the all money and sufficient military resources, evidence suggests that Israel is the best investment anymore. The returns suck.

Besides Israel obviously knows what its doing. It's got settlements to build. Let them play landlord in their own sandbox for a while as they see fit. Who knows what will come of that? Maybe something good for a change.
Or maybe some change for good?