Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Health Care Reform

A friend recently blew out his ACL playing rec league football. Thats what us thirty something year old guys do. He went to the orthopedist on Friday, got his MRI on Monday and has his surgery scheduled for later this week. This story tells the tale of a terribly ill Canadian citizen who is going to have to wait more than 6 months for an MRI. And of course, like any person who feels spited by obama, my friend bitched and lamented that were he living in an obama care world, he wouldn't be receiving treatment so quickly.

And then it dawned on me, obamacare is going at the problem the wrong way. Our President has no idea how to tackle the problem. He has no qualms going after Wall Street bankers salaries, yet he will not go after the costs of health care. My dad had a bypass a few years back. In the backwater he lived in, the whole procedure took 12 hours and cost less than $8000. I broke my wrist and required a screw to repair it. The procedure took just over an hour and cost just over $7000. It seems to me, a little tort reform and some forced socialism, like he's pushed it on the auto industry would really rectify the problem without sticking everyone who has worked hard to have good benifits. Why not treat doctors like bankers or other responsible citizens who are taking it in the back pocket every time obama finds another constituancy to play robin hood with.

I feel like a kulak.

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