Thursday, May 28, 2009

Picking Up the Tab

The President went to Nevada to help raise funds for Harry Reid and pander to the good people of Nevada. I don't know what else the President did while he was in the great state of Nevada, but none of it was front page news, except the appearance at the fund raiser.

It seems to me, Senator Reid's campaign should be paying for thousands of dollars worth of jet fuel, security arraignments and whatever else it costs when the President travels. As a tax payer who has been on the short end of just about every proposal President Obama and Senator Reid have put forward in the last few months, I don't like the idea of picking up the tab on Senator Reid's re-election efforts. Someone other than the tax payers should be on the hook for the cost of the President campaigning. Ditto for his hollywood fund raiser. The man has to stop chasing celebs around.

This sounds like exactly the kind of waste, which the President has been speaking out against. This whole thing sounds very hypocritical in my opinion. I guess that’s the Obama double standard at work.

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