Thursday, April 23, 2009

Keeping Track

A lot of Republicans were drummed out of office, in some cases for lesser offences, yet the main stream media continues to provide obscene amounts of top cover. Where is the outrage?

Pennsylvania Rep. Jack Murtha - Faces allegations of steering defense spending to the consulting firm his brother works for and another firm that a former staffer founded.

New York Rep. Charlie Rangel - Currently faces no fewer than 4 House Ethics Committee investigations.

California Rep. Jane Harman - Is fighting allegations that she offered to help seek reduced charges for two pro-Israel lobbyists suspected of espionage in exchange for help from a pro-Israel donor, also suspected Israeli agent.

California Sen. Dianne Feinstein - Is accused of devising legislation that helped her husband get a federal contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry norms. Her defense is that the legislation never became law.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd - Continues to stonewall information requests in relation to allegations that he was the recipient of VIP loans from disgraced subprime lender, Countrywide.

North Dakota Sen. Kent Conrad - Continues to hide in Chris Dodd's shadow while he fights off the same allegations.

President Barack Hussein Obama - Continues to avoid scrutiny regarding the preferential treatment he received from TARP recipient Northern Trust Bank in negotiating a loan and purchasing his Chicago area home for beyond lowball discount of 15% under market prices at the height of this nations real estate boom.

1 comment:

Markus Arelius said...

Great post!

The answer to your question is, "what's on American Idol this week?"

Clearly, you won't ever see criminals investigating themselves. Our Justice Department is incompetent.

However, I am confident that there will be a price to be paid at the polls for their lack of vision,
as the last group of numbnutzes found out in November.

I liken it to a washing machine.
I don't think November that was the end. November was the pre-wash cycle. Next election might be the bleach cycle. We'll eventually spin their asses out of Washington and into the private sector where they can do some real damage to us all.