Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Sign of a Bottom

The stock market is in free fall. The housing markets are delusional. With no end in site, we are all bystanders as our government plunges head long into economic poliy which will take the US down the same route as Japan following the end of their real estate bubble. Our economic course is going to take our stock market close to if not beyond historic lows. Our housing market is stuck on emotion as a significant portion of sellers are comfortable letting the property languish well about current values and vastly above true values. Our President is comfortable submarining our markets with an indecisive set of policies and at best weak leadership. President Obama might have been the best campaigner we have ever seen, but so far, his first 50 days can only inspire the delusional and unobjective.

If you aren't worried about the markets, you don't have a dog in the fight and by dog in the fight, I mean a retirement savings.Heck, things are so bad, even Jon Stewart found a way to be relevant for once. Perhaps some day he will find humor too.

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