Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CNN Misses the Mark Again

What else is new? CNN finally recognized that there are some responsible people out there and did an article about them. Unfortunately, their take on things is that its not fair. Move on. That’s it. The poor, dumb, fools who took the short cut still get their bailout. They even got an econ professor from Mr. Potatohead State to chime in with some line of BS about hot we have to bail out the fools to save everyone else. As it is there are only a couple economists I trust these days, and Dr. Jellobrain from Mr. Potatohead State is not on the short list. Dr. Jellobrain and the rest of the CNN article failed to even consider any negative side effects of supporting the current price level. That’s fine, this link will be here for a long time, you'll be able to write CNN and Dr. Jellobrain to tell them how short sighted and self serving they were in December 2008.

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